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Historic Site

La Casa de Los Balcones

Opened from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm


Live demonstrations of how to make sand art, ceramics and oil paintings. Plus, find out about the art of Canary Islands lacemaking from our artisans.


Travel back in time to experience Canary Islands traditions and customs dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

Fine dining

Enjoy a mouth-watering feast of exquisite Canary Islands cuisine while savouring the romantic views.


The most characteristic example of traditional Canary Islands architecture to be found on any of the Islands.

One historic site, three grand mansions

Northern Tenerife

casa eladia machado

Casa Eladia Machado

Discover a world of crafts at this iconic 16th centuryhouse.
Casa Eladia Machado is a veritable treasure-trove of crafts. Enjoy live demonstrations of Canary Islands craftsmanship, including the Osman's art gallery, artworks made from volcanic sand to celebrate Corpus Christi,and traditional local ceramics.

Casa de Los Balcones

Discover a world of history and tradition at this 17th century mansion.
Travel back in time and visit the home of a 17thcentury family at the Museum of Traditions and Customs. Includes a unique exhibition on the art of lacemaking.

Casa Lercaro

Discover a world of fine dining and special events at this palatial 17th century mansion.
Let Casa Lercaro’s elegant architecture, exquisite cuisine and romantic views of the valley and Mount Teide envelop you in an unforgettable and fantastical feast for the senses.

Immerse yourself in a paradise filled with history and unforgettable experiences, where you can enjoy the authenticity and craftsmanship of the Canary Islands in their purest state

What our visitors say

“Unmissable, unique, beautiful… pure artistry!Some of our most outstanding memories of the Canary Islands are of the beautiful handcrafted balconies, and at this splendid mansion you’ll find some of the most stunning examples.”
“A picturesque location where you can learn about the culture of the Canary Islands in a beautiful setting. The house is extremely well-preserved and has a stunning courtyard, which is well worth visiting so you can admire the architecture and all its fine details.The staff also stand out for their traditional Canary Islands costume. A must-see!”

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Find out about the news, promotions and events taking place at our historic site.

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