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The Timple

The timple is a musical stringed instrument typical of the Canary Island. Consist in a little guitar with five strings although there is also one with four. Born presumably in the middle of the XIX century, the origin of this instrument of a “parrandera” nature is the baroque Laud, although is possibe that between its genes is present la Kora bereber. Even some compares it with the ukelele.


Timples y detalles de la madera de la Casa de Los Balcones

It presents to us an element of great complex, such in its construction as in its execution. It is created by combining special woods as Morera or Palo Santo, Cedar or Pine, Barbusano or Moral among others.

At present exits great artisans builders of timple, that continue the tradition of their ancestors using six different types of wood in its fabrication. We have to emphasize the use of Palo Santo, walnut, cypress or mora, this last is hard to get and it is the preferred for the case of the timple for many interpreters.


Taller de fabricación de timples

Alive element, the wood requires treatment and ageing for its drying that encloses in many occasions the secret of a great sound.

The most habitual technique of execution of the timple is strumming and punteo. In “la parranda” the timple commands, one of the instruments most representative of our folklore, always present in the heart of the canarian people.

In La Casa de los Balcones we have differente types, among them authentic works of art. Timples dones by master artisans, and also we have timples of importation which are more economical. Here we leave you with our friend Rogelio in the old Wines Press of La Casa de los Balcones turning a timple. Enjoy it!

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