Terms and y Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all of the product purchases that take place via our website. It is important that you read these Terms and Conditions in their entirety before making any purchases. If there is anything in this document that you do not understand, please contact us for clarification.

The products offered for sale in our online shop are aimed at natural or legal persons who are acting in line with their corporate or professional activities, whether of a public or private nature.

Validity of these Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions set by CASA DE LOS BALCONES shall enter into force as soon as they appear on the website. Under all circumstances, the brand’s owner reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions without prior notification and to incorporate additional terms and conditions whenever necessary or convenient.

Any transaction that is performed via this website shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions that appear on the website at the time the transaction takes place.


All of the prices on the website of CASA DE LOS BALCONES are displayed in euros. The prices for the products offered include any taxes that may apply (e.g. IGIC) and include the costs of delivery.

CASA DE LOS BALCONES makes every effort to ensure the prices are kept up to date, although prices may change from one day to the next. However, if you have already placed an order, we cannot modify the price that you were shown during the order and payment process.

Occasionally, CASA DE LOS BALCONES may issue coupons, which may be used to reduce the price of one of more items. Coupons are valid for a limited period of time, and details of their validity shall be specified when they are advertised on the website or entered into the corresponding field by the user.

CASA DE LOS BALCONES undertakes to honour the price specified in the order once the final amount payable has been confirmed.


All of the products shall be subject to the corresponding rate of IGIC. CASA DE LOS BALCONES is obliged to apply any taxes that may apply to the products it sells and the services it provides. These taxes shall not be applied in the case of companies and individuals who are not required to pay said taxes: in which instance, said companies and individuals are required to submit the corresponding documentation, which we shall then examine and approve.


The products you purchase from CASA DE LOS BALCONES shall be delivered to the address you specify when placing the order. Please take care when specifying the address, as CASA DE LOS BALCONES shall not be held liable if the address is not specified correctly.


By placing an order, whether via email or by signing for it in person, you are accepting our Terms and Conditions of Sale and undertake to make payment via the method agreed.

Once an order confirmation has been approved, we cannot guarantee that the order can then be changed or cancelled. Cancelling an order that is already being processed incurs costs, and these costs must be borne by the customer. Customers are obliged to pay the agreed amount for any related work we may have done on their behalf up until the order in question was cancelled. Examples of necessary costs incurred include preparation of the order, ordering materials, digital design, and the cost of reinstating/returning a product. However, in the event that CASA DE LOS BALCONES has not yet incurred any costs, no charge will be made to the customer.

Refunds and Returns

You may exercise your right to return your purchase within 15 calendar days, without having to provide an explanation. The 15-day return period shall commence on the date that you (or a third party authorized by you, other than the courier) takes material possession of the purchase (or the final item, if the order comprised more than one). In order to exercise your right of return, you must provide us with an unequivocal declaration of your decision to return your purchase. You can do so by sending us an email (calidad@casa-balcones.com), posting us a letter (Casa de Los Balcones, C/San Francisco, 3, 38300 La Orotava, Santa Cruz de Tenerife), or via any of the channels specified at the bottom of each page on our website. You may also use the standard return form provided below, although this is not obligatory.

In order to ensure you comply with the return period, all you need to do is make sure that the unequivocal declaration of your decision to exercise your right to return your purchase is sent to us before the return period expires.

After You Return a Purchase

If you return a purchase, we shall reimburse you for all of the payments you have made to us, including delivery costs (except where additional costs were incurred because you chose an alternative and more expensive delivery option than the standard option we offered). The reimbursement shall be made without undue delay, and under all circumstances no more than 15 calendar days after you have informed us of your decision to return your purchase.

The reimbursement shall be made via the same method of payment that you used for the original transaction, unless you expressly indicate otherwise. Under all circumstances, you will not be liable for any charges incurred as a result of the reimbursement process.
However, we may elect to withhold the reimbursement until we have received the returned items, or until we receive proof from you that said items have been returned (whichever we receive first).

You must return the items, whether in person or via courier, to the following address: Casa de Los Balcones, C/San Francisco, 3, 38300 La Orotava, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. They must be returned without undue delay, and under all circumstances within a period of 15 calendar days from the date on which you inform us of your decision to return the purchase. Provided you return the items before said period expires, we shall consider this requirement to have been fulfilled. You must bear the costs of returning the items in question.

You shall only be held liable for deterioration in the value of the items if said items have been handled in a manner other than that which is necessary in order to ascertain their nature, characteristics and functionality.

Your Obligations

When you register your details with us and/or place an order, the information you give us in the forms provided on the website must be truthful and correct. It is your responsibility to ensure the information we have for you is up to date. Remember that you can exercise your rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose your data at any time, as detailed in our Privacy Policy.

Delays to Delivery

The customer accepts that CASA DE LOS BALCONES shall not be held liable for any delays to delivery caused by force majeure or attributable to circumstances beyond our direct control. Items will be shipped in sufficient time to ensure they are delivered within the agreed period. CASA DE LOS BALCONES shall not be held liable for any financial damage or detriment that may be incurred as a result of delays caused by force majeure.

Website Images

CASA DE LOS BALCONES strives to use images that present as truthful a picture of the product as possible. However, each individual may perceive details such as scale and colour subjectively, and in a manner that does not correspond to the reality of the product. In order to check the quality, colour and size of a product, you can request a sample from us and see for yourself what the item is like in reality. If you decide not to request a sample, we cannot be held liable for any possible errors in interpretation or perception that you may have made when viewing the images. We also recommend that you check all of the information provided in the product’s specifications, such as size, material, etc. This information may help to give you an idea of what the product is like in reality.

Delivery Period and Method

CASA DE LOS BALCONES does not provide a choice of options for delivery within Spain. All orders will be delivered within a period of 7 working days.

International Delivery

We charge an additional amount for delivering your purchase to addresses in the EU (except Spain), other countries in Europe, North and South America and the rest of the world.
If you require delivery to any of these locations, please contact us so that we can offer you the best price for shipping.

If You Have any Queries

If you have any questions or queries, or if you wish to make a complaint, please do so via our Contact page.