Picture “the end of dinner”

The end of dinner

This work was made in 1913 by the French post-impressionist painter Jules Alexander Grün. The original oil on canvas is in the Museum of Fine Arts (Tourcoing-France).
This work reflects the relaxed atmosphere after a dinner of high society. In the French society of the moment radiates the sumptuousness of the dress of the table, carrying this spirit for centuries. The importance of the presentation is much discussed by the society of the moment. This served as an example for different cultures, which copied this way and many called it ,the French style’.
However, the high society that resided in the Canary Islands, in many of their trips, welcomed these ways of knowing how to dress the table, giving elegance in many aspects. The tablecloths, cutlery and culinary art, was the ,cover letter’ among the high of society. So many no longer only took care of their clothing, but that the environment and context were perfect for their guests.
Hence, the trousseau of the young ladies before their wedding, constituted of different tablecloths, to dress their tables in important acts. This not only happened in high society, but the bourgeois or middle class, invested in fabrics a little cheaper and well worked to try to be at the height of high society.

Jules Alexander Grün
Jules Alezander Grün's portrait

Biography of Jules Alexander Grün

He was a student of Jean-Baptiste Lavastre, painter-decorator of the Paris Opera, and of the landscape painter Antoine Guillemet. He stood out in poster design, he was an artist for Le Chat Noir and decorator of the Paris Tavern. As an illustrator, he collaborated with various newspapers and magazines, such as ,L’Assiette au Beurre’, ,La Caricature’, ,Courrier français’ and ,Fin de siècle’. As a painter, his most famous work is the large canvas A Friday in the Salon of French Artists in 1911 (Museum of Fine Arts in Rouen), where more than a hundred famous people of Parisian society appear.

In 1911 he was made a knight of the Legion of Honor and, in 1912, commander of the Order of Nichan Iftikhar.

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