La Palma embroidery: the richelieu

La Palma embroidery

La Palma embroidery belongs to the culture of peasant women and laborers, which was passed from generation to generation as the best and most precious of the island’s traditional inheritances and legacies.

The great part of the offer of this handicraft hides anonymous, elegant, fine and, at the same time, tanned female hands.

The edge -as it is popularly known on La Palma- has been, for decades, an important source of income for the most humble families.

La Palma crafts are, by their very essence, slow, pampered processes, in which the hours are not taken into account, but the quality of the final product.

They are intended for the enjoyment and enjoyment of lovers of the true and authentic, they keep the most ancient techniques, away from the economic currents of the so-called “globalization.”

Acquiring an artisan piece not only means owning an object or tool -in some cases, as decoration or clothing-, but with it you go back to an ancient popular culture, luckily, alive and authentic in La Palma.

Embroidery constitutes one of the fundamental sections of La Palma artisan production, since in ancient times, it was the only way of life and survival of La Palma families.

The most frequent among the repertoire of traditional Palmerian embroidery is the so-called richelieu – known on La Palma – as rechi, which coexists with the techniques of enhancement and lost stitches.


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