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The Drawing Room

The drawing room is virtually unchanged from when the house was inhabited.

Noteworthy elements include the family portraits, books of great historical value that have been handed down from generation to generation, a gramophone, a piano, photograph collections, and the furniture in general. All of the tableware is English.

The Bedroom

This is the only room in the museum that is not in its original location. The bedroom was formerly a sewing room, but now contains an exact reproduction of one of the bedrooms from the upper part of the house. We decided to bring the bedroom down to a lower level so that it could be visited more easily.

The Kitchen

Without a doubt, the kitchen was the busiest part of the house, as it was always in use. Both the hob and the oven were wood-fired, and also provided heat for the rest of the building. Here you can see the containers that were used to store grain, as well as the large earthenware vessels in which water was kept.

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