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2 hours Groups of 10-25 people

Interactive tours and an itinerary filled with a wealth of resources, activities, crafts and fine dining, which will give you a much deeper understanding of many aspects of Canary Islands culture. The tour includes the three houses that make up our historic site. Local experts will guide you and provide an in-depth explanation of the most interesting and intriguing facets of the cultural legacy of the Canary Islands

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1 tour, 3 architectural gems, 5 senses

Casa de Los Balcones

Admire the unique rooms and spaces of Casa de Los Balcones. Explore the mansion’s interior and travel back in time more than 350 years, accompanied by professional guides.

Enjoy the taste and bouquet of local wines from Tenerife. The outstanding qualities of these wines were widely admired by famous figures from history, such as William Shakespeare.

Feel the unique texture of the lacework and embroidery made by hand in our workshop of Canary Islands lacemaking. These creations are veritable works of art, and can only be found here.

Do you want to feel like a true Canary Islander? Try on a traditional costume and take a selfie dressed as a mago, against the backdrop of this unique location!

The starting-point for your tour is a mansion that was built in 1632. This architectural gem has been declared a Historical Monument and boasts a façade and interior of extraordinary beauty. A true feast for the eyes.

Casa Eladia Machado

Visit a gallery containing Canary Islands-themed artworks by our resident artist, Mohamed Osman. You can also watch him as he works with oils.

Our ceramics workshop is not just a showcase for exquisite items of pottery; it is also a place where you can learn and practice the art of making ceramics, guided by our experts.

Admire the ephemeral beauty of these unique works of art. La Orotava is famed for its sand art made from volcanic earth and flowers, shaped into the image of Corpus Christi.

Visit our master dressmakers and discover at first hand the origins and history of the traditional costume of La Orotava. Our mago boutique can trace its origins back to the creation of this unique outfit.

The heart of Canary Islands crafts, home to our oil-painting studio and gallery and our local ceramics workshop, where longstanding Island traditions are combined with the most refined techniques.

Casa Lercaro

Our water mill and flour mill are historical artefacts that attest to the presence of sugar-cane refineries in this area many years ago.

Sample our famous gofio, one of the most iconic elements in Canary Islands cuisine and a vital ingredient in many local dishes.

Explore beautiful gardens filled with native and tropical plants, set against the unbeatable backdrop of Mount Teide and the valley of La Orotava.

Casa Lercaro is perhaps the most interesting part of the historic site of Casa de Los Balcones. Its water mill and flour mill, along with its stunningly beautiful gardens, are the cherry on the cake of the guided tour.

“Unmissable, unique, beautiful… pure artistry! Some of our most outstanding memories of the Canary Islands are of the beautiful handcrafted balconies, and at this splendid mansion you’ll find some of the most stunning examples.”
“I’d like to congratulate Casa de Los Balcones on its spectacular balconies. We also visited the museum and were surprised at the excellent condition of the exhibits, despite their great age. The staff were very friendly and helpful. A big thank-you from us in Girona.”

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