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We’ve collated some of the most frequently asked questions, to provide you with information that will help you organize your visit.

We will be expanding this section little by little

The Wi-Fi can be accessed free of charge and there are connection points in each of the three houses. You do not need a password to access the network: all you will be asked to do is fill out a questionnaire.

Visitors who have paid to enter the museum are able to access the WC free of charge by requesting a token at the reception. Those who are visiting the shops and have not paid to enter the museum will be charged €0.50 to access the WC.

We recommend that you leave your luggage or bags elsewhere, as we do not have any storage facilities for them.

Like the rest of our items, the traditional costumes are only available for purchase, not for hire. If you are visiting our traditional costume boutique in order to purchase a costume, please go to the cash desk at the main shop in the same building (Casa Eladia Machado) and ask the sales assistant.

The audio information has been preloaded onto the audio guides and is available in three languages: Spanish, English and French. The audio guides are very simple to use:

  1. The device has a numeric keypad (very similar to a phone keypad). Each number is linked to a particular location or object. Simply press the number to listen to all of the information regarding the desired location or object.

When you see a sign with a headphone symbol and a number, press that number on the audio guide and then press the Play button

We now charge a fee of €1 to take photographs and/or videos inside Casa de Los Balcones andCasa Eladia Machado. The money raised via this fee will go towards the conservation of the buildings, and will be discounted from any purchases you make over €10. This fee does not apply to visitors who have paid for an audio guide tour.

After you pay the fee you will be given a proof-of-payment sticker

Yes, we do. Our all-inclusive option includes the following:

  • Audio guide
  • Access to the museum
  • Complimentary glass of wine and mojo and almogrote tasting
  • Access to the WC (specifically, the WC located in the winery area, in the courtyard)
  • Authorization to take photographs and videos

If you still have queries, contact us