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We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions. In this way you can have information to organize your visit.
We will gradually expand this section.

Wifi access can be used once you have bought the entrance to the house-museum.

To use it, ask the staff for the password once you have purchased the ticket.

There are connection points at La Casa de Los Balcones and at the Casa Lercaro restaurant.

People who have paid to visit the museum, have free access to use WC.

In case that people have not paid the entrance to the museum, but stay in the shops, they can go to the WC located at Casa Eladia Machado (in front of Casa Los Balcones). The use of the WC costs  € 0.50.

It is recommended to enter without luggage or suitcases. We do not have a storage room to store your belongings.

Our typical costumes are only for sale. If you want to visit “Boutique del Mago” to buy a costume, ask the staff of La Casa de Los Balcones.

The information, ready to be listened, is available in 5 languages: Spanish, English, German, French and Italian. It works very simple:

  1. The device has number keys (very similar to a telephone) and each number is associated with a place or object. Just press it and you can hear all the information about it.
  2. When you see the sign with the symbol of a headset, you should press the number that appears on the sign on the audio guide and then press the “play” key.

Taking photographs and filming inside La Casa de Los Balcones y Artesanía Eladia Machado costs € 1.

This amount will be used for the conservation of the Houses and will be discounted on purchases over € 10.

Remember that this service is included in the purchase of the route with audio-guide.

Yes. We include the following in the offer:

  1. Audio-guide.
  2. Access to the museum.
  3. Caña of Dorada Especial beer (or a glass of water, or a shot of banana liqueur or honey rum) and tasting of almogrote and mojos.
  4. Access to the WC.
  5. Authorization to take photos and videos.

Contact us if you still have questions