Casa Lercaro

This palatial mansion offers an unbeatable venue for your events

Enjoy exclusive cuisine and relax in this stunning setting, with an extensive menu including traditional dishes from the Canary Islands and the Mediterranean.

Here, the architecture and flora of the Canary Islandsreach their fullest expression, combining to create a venue that’s ideal for celebrating an event or simply enjoying a pleasant visit.



At a glance

Casa Lercaro offers a wide range of pleasures for every palate. Our restaurant boasts an extensive menu including traditional dishes from the Canary Islands and the Mediterranean. The restaurant and café are located in a spectacular courtyard with views of La Orotava Valley and Mount Teide.

Casa Lercaro is a listed Historical Monument and Site of Cultural Interest. Its unique charm lies in its traditional Canary Islands architecture and the great variety of plant species that can be found in its spacious courtyard.

It is the ideal venue for celebrating a birthday, wedding, baptism, first communion, or even corporate events such as conferences and business lunches


entrance and façade

Casa Lercaro, formerly known as Casa Ponte Fonte, is one of the architectural and historical jewels in the crown of La Orotava, with a number of Baroque features and design influences that can be traced back to the Genoa region.

The mansion’s façade stands out for its symmetrical inset windows, which are surrounded by sgraffito designs and other Italianate touches, incorporating classic plant motifs.

The central balcony is made of wrought iron, with a coffered wooden base and Baroque adornments.

Beneath the commanding upper balcony there is a marble shield, which was made in Genoa and bears the coat of arms of the Ponte, Lugo, Fonte and Grimaldi families, who built this palatial mansion.


This palatial mansion boasts two courtyards. The central, U-shaped courtyard has been renovated with exceptional taste, maintaining the structure of the original space formed by columns with Corinthian-style capitals.

The lower courtyard houses a water mill: a fascinating artefact that dates back to when this area was first settled in the 16th century. It was the last water mill to be installed along the canal that channelled water down from the natural springs of La Orotava.


The presence of tropical plants and flora native to the Canary Islands transforms the courtyard into a splendid botanical garden, and adds a touch of magic to the events that take place at the Casa.

shop and decoration

Casa Lercaro has a permanent exhibition of antique and replica furniture, along with a wide range of distinctive, high-quality decorative objects for sale.



Explore the House

Explore this incomparable building and use your phone, tablet or computer to enjoy the beauty and history of the rooms and spaces that you’ll be able to experience at first hand if you come and visit us.

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