Casa Eladia Machado

The most complete collection of Canary Islands crafts

Watch live demonstrations of how sand art, ceramics and oil paintings are made.

Plus, at our souvenirshop you can choose one of the many fantastic keepsakes of traditional Canary Islands crafts to take home with you.

Live painting

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Sand art

At a glance

Casa Eladia Machado is a treasure-trove of Canary Islands crafts. Enjoy live demonstrations of how to make sand art, ceramics, and traditional local lacemaking and embroidery – all with the Casa de Los Balcones seal of quality.

The art gallery featuring works painted by Mohamed Osman is also well worth a visit.

His paintings explore the iconic features of the Canary Islands landscape, and incorporate a sense of energy and movement that also manages to capture the human qualities of the region’s culture.


entrance and façade

Less monumental and more discreet than Casa de Los Balcones, Casa Eladia Machado – formerly the Molina convent – was built by Francisco de Molina and López de las Doblas, and remained in the family’s ownership for centuries.
The façade of this two-storey building stands out for its Plateresque entrance of dressed stone. On the lower part of the pedestal and at the end of the cornice there are decorative plant motifs, contained within oval frames.

osman art gallery

Mohamed Osman is a renowned artist of Egyptian origin, whose paintings and other artworks have elicited praise from leading art critics throughout the Canary Islands. His pictures explore characteristic scenes and aspects of Island life, such as religious processions, the dragon tree, the stunning landscapes, and iconic locations in northern Tenerife.

sand art workshop

An exhibition of the famous works ofsand art that are laid out in the square in front of the town hall during the festival ofCorpus Christi. The tradition is continued in the exhibition area of Casa Eladia Machado, where Ezequiel León, a sand-artist from La Orotava, laid the first work of sand art more than 23 years ago.

canary islands ceramics space

Watch live demonstrations of expert ceramicists hand-shaping beautifulclay objects, which are then fired and displayed in the sunshine for several hours for the public to admire. The ceramicists’ art encompasses a wide range of objects, including vases, ashtrays, jugs, mugs, candlesticks, plates, and copies of the famous Canary Islands “Tara” idol.

outer courtyard

This is one of the Casa’s main attractions, with an unbeatable location offering spectacular views of the valley and Mount Teide.

On a sunny day, nothing beats the opportunity to admire the beauty of the valley and the majesty of the tallest mountain in Spain, laid out before your eyes.

When you visit this beautiful terrace, don’t miss the chance to have your photo taken while posing as an authentic mago fromLa Orotava!

shop for pearls, obsidian and olivine jewellery

Casa Eladia Machado is a paradise for souvenir-hunters. Inside its beautifully decorated rooms are the finest examples of local crafts, along with traditional Canary Islands food products.

We boast a wide range of jewellery made from the volcanic precious stones olivine and obsidian.

Tenerife Pearl offers an eye-catching collection of pearl jewellery for you to choose from

traditional costume boutique

This shop is dedicated to the mago, the traditional Canary Islands costume.

The shop is staffed by the Islands’ leading experts on mago outfits, with more than 40 years’ experience of advising and dressing hundreds of magos, magas and pilgrims.

Here you’ll find mago outfits and all of the accessories you need, all made from materials of the very highest quality.

Explore the House

Explore this incomparable building and use your phone, tablet or computer to enjoy the beauty and history of the rooms and spaces that you’ll be able to experience at first hand if you come and visit us.

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