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La Palma embroidery

La Palma embroidery: the richelieu

La Palma embroidery belongs to the culture of peasant women and laborers, which was passed from generation to generation as the best and most precious of the island’s traditional inheritances and legacies. The great part of the offer of this

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The end of dinner

Picture “the end of dinner”

This work was made in 1913 by the French post-impressionist painter Jules Alexander Grün. The original oil on canvas is in the Museum of Fine Arts (Tourcoing-France). This work reflects the relaxed atmosphere after a dinner of high society. In

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Canarian milkmaids blog

The ancient trade of milkmaids

Old trade of milkmaid in Tenerife Formerly, the figure of  milkmaids existed in the Canary Islands, women who for centuries fed several generations with fresh dairy products that they brought from the countryside, and who sold house to house. It

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La Escalera de caracol

CLB corners: The spiral staircase

Once through the imposing entrance to the Casa de los Balcones and crosses the hall into the courtyard, we find two wide corridors that form an “L” in which, among other peculiarities stands out, looking to the left side, the

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Leyenda Gara y Jonay

La leyenda de Garajonay

En los montes de la isla de La Gomera existe una leyenda que es la que le da nombre al Parque Nacional de Garajonay. A continuación, se la contamos: Muchos años antes de que los españoles llegaran por primera vez

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