Tascafé Lercaro

The history of the Grimaldi family dates back to the X century, being some of their most important members, european Princes. The origin of this family in the canaries have to be looked for in the moments after the conquest of the island. the have occupied since that moment important positions in the society of that time of that  time, performing political positions and associated to the profile of rich trader. This surname united with others of great roottage in the islands such as Benitez de Lugo.



Futhermore, the lercaro house count with a splendid bar called “Tascafé Lercaro”. This new concept of restaurant has the best of the “guachinche” of canary food in a place so special as is the Lercaro House.



Located in the courtyard of one of the most beautiful houses of La Villa de la Orotava, and catalogued as a BIC (Cultural and interest places) with monument category, the bar born with the objective to make true the project of the gastronomic market that wants the Lercaro House. First was the opening of the Grimaldi Coffee shop, and now, it is the turn of the bar “Tascafé Lercaro”.

At present Moises, an excellent cook who is in charge of the bar and the coffee shop of Lercaro House. Here they serve an amply range of plates of great delicacy and with canary flavours of the most outstanding.



Menú de la Cafetería | Tasca Casa Lercaro



Teléfono de Contacto:

  • Moisés: 625-835-100 | 615-226-526