Lercaro House – Possession of Cultural Interest (BIC)



In La Orotava we find several possessions of Cultural Interest (BIC), declared by the Canary Islands Government. Possessions of cultural interest are those real or personal property that have great historical value and should have a high level of protection in the legal field. They are distributed in different categories: historical sites, monuments, archaeological zone, historical garden, ethnographic heritage, historical place(Ayuntamiento de La Orotava).

La Casa Lercaro by Decree 21/2004, of March 2nd, is declared possession of cultural interest, with category of monument, in the municipality of La Orotava, Tenerife. Thus, by resolution of the Directorate General of Culture of the Canary Government dated February 12th, 1985, to file the statement of possession of cultural interest, in favor of the Lercaro House it is instituted.

On the other hand, Lercaro house also known as the Ponte – Fonte House, was also by means of the resolution of November 13th, 2002, amending the resolution of 22 October 2002, named a possession of Cultural Interest with category of Ethnological Site, in favour of the aceuducto of the mills in the municipality of La Orotava.

For more information on the establishment of Casa Lercaro as a possession of Cultural Interest (BIC) with category of Monument and Ethnographic Site, see the links provided below:

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Likewise, you can also consult the following document for all historical and artistic aspects surrounding the Lercaro house since its construction.


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