Casa Lercaro

The Lercaro House is an architectural jewel in a state of perfect conservation with the addition of a tropical garden with a supert view over the atlantic coast.

Its origins dates back to the XVII century and it always was a manor house belonging different illustrious families closely related with the history of the island of the last centuries.

Around the magnificent courtyard open to the sea it open a balcony, headquarters of a cafeteria-Restaurant. The building is actually an important gastronomic center, where you can taste and acquire the gastronomic products  and wines most typical of the island gastronomic, all with the origin denomination and, on the top floor, is a permanent display and sale of furniture and objects so ancient as replicas.

In the old gofio mill, joined to the house, just like in its gardens and living room can be organized business meals (canteens of 20, 60, 100, 300, 400 diners and much more with the capacity of the garden), presentation of products, filming of announcements and reports, celebration of congresses, weddings, communions, bptisms, etc. All of these supplemented with an amply rooms of meetings, audio video projections, and video conferences.

Casa Lercaro

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