The combined monumental buildings of the Casa de los Balcones, La Casa del Turista, and the Casa Lercaro are a true representation of all Canarian Handicraft transformed into a souvenir paradise, offering the most traditional to the most contemporary.

The exquisite and elegant embroideries produced by skilled hands and established in the Canarian tradition are worthy of their fame. The traditional costumes of the seven Canary Islands are decorated by

the in-house craftswomen as if they were master painters. The souvenirs are, in the most part, custom designed. An ample selection of exquisite clay pieces created using the ancient island traditions and the most refined pottery techniques around.

Graphic motifs taken from the “Guanches” aboriginal culture are reinterpreted and modernized with an exciting display of creativity. The typical Canarian cuisine is also present with its best-known recipes such as the delicious mojo sauces and some of its famous desserts.

The wine cellar offers a wide selection of wines and liquors, selected from all over the island, whilst not forgetting tobacco; from the internationally known Palmeran cigars originating from the XVIII century, directly connecting the Canarian Archipelago with the island of Cuba.