Our History


Juana Nieto and Juan castro Bazo y Merino marry the 7/10/1657. This first inherits from uncle Diego Gonzalez Nieto the lot on which they lifted this house of balconies during their marriage. May 3, 1690, Juan de Castro Bazo y Merino wrote  his testament and made his nephew universal heir the Colonel Pedro Méndez  de Castro. When he died, the Colonel gave the house to their daughter Juana Méndez de Castro, wife of the colonel Alonso de Fonseca Mesía and Llarena. From here the house  went to the son of both, Francisco de Fonseca (1715-1719), Regent and Captain who died  single, making his brother Mateo the benefitiary of his will. Mateo married in 1773 with Luisa de Mesa y Baulén, and from them proceeded: Alonso de Fonseca y Mesa (as captain he fought in the battle of the harbour of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the attack by Nelson) and Mateo de Fonseca y Mesa, successor of their older brother and María Concepción García del Castillo Martín (widow of Mateo) won and found herself in possession of this house in 1840. In 1885 the  industrial Antonio Díaz flores y Cartaya bought the property and to his death his heir sold  it to Lorenzo Machado y Benítez de Lugo. Today it is property of his grandson Carlos Schönfeldt Machado.


Blasón de Méndez-Fonseca