Origin and History of the Romerías


First we have to make a review of the original meaning of las Romerías. These have lways been linked to the saints of the catholical religion, simple on foot peregrinations, on gattle or in the carts of the people that went from their houses where they resided, to the different villages of the island to participate in the festivals that were celebrate there.

Traveling hardest ways, the objetive of the romeros was to fulfill a promise, a religious precept, head for the hermitage, parish o church to venerate the saint or virgin of their locality. This didn’t prevent that they made good use of the occasion to celebrate, socialize or even find a partner. When the walk could be done in a group, the entertainment and the revelry, at the rhythm of the timples, guitars and chácaras, it give a happy accent to a population that lived of  hard work all through the year.



Las Romerías Actually


Actually, las Romerías are enormous celebrations of the street where there are unite the pagan and the religious, among joy, tradition history, culture and identity. Described by some, in a reprove tone, as something that has become a “show”, the trusth is that Las Romerías are the opportunity to feel and live “la Canariedad” in its máximun expression.

The outstanding of these celebrations are the great influx of people of many ages, the enormous cows or oxen that pull the beautiful wood carts, the songs and the folklorical dances at the rhythm of the popular “parrandas”. However fairs and samples of native handicraft accompany these romerías, wheere the most showy certainly are the typical costumes or “Traje de Mago” of each romero dressed on this special day.

Emulating all of the folkloric traditions, they drinks wines of the arth accompanied with goat meat or beef, even in some it groups samples of native sports as the pulling of cattle, cuggel or the pastors jump, and to promote the attachment to the cultural labours of the countryside.

For that we can say that las romerías there are an intent to maintain alive the religious traditions, agricultural and farming of the municipalities, and, in that each one excels above the rest for their very particular odours, flavours, sounds and typical costumes.


Fotos de la Romería en la Casa de los Balcones

This images immortalize Las Romerías carried out along of 2008-09, and 2011, in this pass for the street of the House of Balconies and Eladia Machado House.