The Colon Egg

Girolamo Benzoni in his History of the New World (Venecia, 1565) tells the following history:

While Christopher Columbus was at the table with many Spanish nobles, one of them said: ‘Mr. Columbus, even if your worship had not found the Indies, we wouldn’t have been missing a person who has undertaken similar an adventure similar to yours, here in Spain which is a land rich in great men very knowledgeable in cosmography and literature ‘. Columbus did not respond to these words but, having asked them to bring an egg, she placed it on the table and said, ‘Gentlemen, I bet with anyone that you are not able to stand this egg up as I do, naked, without any help. “They all tried without success and when the egg returned to Columbus he hit it against the table, placing it subtly he left it standing up. All present were confused and understood what he wanted to tell them, that after the deed done and seen, anyone knows how to do it.

From this story comes the popular saying that “Columbus was the first man to … put an egg standing up and that they use the expression “like egg of Columbus” to describe something that seemed complex or difficult and that results easy or straightforward once understood.

Putting the Canary Islands as a witness at the time of this event along with other historical representations, you might recognize some of the steps that occur for any kind of project or company. Studying and preparing, with foreign aid and favorable winds, positive circumstances, conviction and faith, being constant, adventure, with all its challenges and uncertainties included, ultimately, success, satisfaction and reward as a result of the above.