The Canarian Earring

The Canarian Earring, also known by the name of Aro, Hoop Earring Crescent or the ‘S’ is a traditional type of earring in the Canaries.

The first written reference of the earring in the Canary Islands, was in the early nineteenth century, when Victor Grau Bassas alluded to it in his uses and customs of the rural population of Gran Canaria’.

However, this type of earring corresponds to the oldest form of drop earring known on earth, as the Sumerian women used them similarly 2500 years BC.

Several types of earring exist, like the most basic and original with its shape and smooth lunar crescent, but there are many varieties with engravings and artistic ‘S’ reclining in its inside.

The earrings are made of gold, silver and other precious materials, in different sizes and versions of artisant craft. With its elegance and sexy charm are unique and very particular to look beautiful and appropriate in females of all ages and styles.

Nowadays both look charming worn by naughty girls, rebellious youngsters, like classical canarian mothers and elegant canarian grandmothers. The fame and beauty of the canarian earrings go beyond the borders of our Archipelago.

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