The Thread work D.N.I

The thread work dni, corresponds to a list that we consider as the best and most exquisite thread work jewelry that the House of Balconies has. These recompilation collect thread work of many types and motifs, some of them corresponding to tablecloths of Galleta vieja, others of Randa, Garañón, Caracol and Mariposa.

We have to emphasize that although in the clasification that we are going to give you next whereby, the thread work tablecloth has been ordered from the largest to the smallest in basis to the work and beauty, all of them form part of the Cream della Cream of The Canary thread works.

In each one of them, is done a complete description disclosing in first place, the dimensions and materials used. In second place, the process of realization, detailing even the exact time that is required, and the number of motifs realized.

Finally, to provide you with a more attractive and in such a manner that when you read it you understand the quality and importance that we are talking about, we have compared that threadworks , with various marks of different business sectors. In this way, we let you see what these thread tablecloth inside of the thread world to make a similar with the brands that we are going to associate.