The Casa de los Balcones is a Canarian embroidery temple, true to tradition, indulging in centuries-old techniques whilst striving to pass them down to future generations in the workshops where the name of Eladia Machado is everlasting.

She was a master craftswoman and it was from her workshop in Calle San Francisco in the 1940’s, that the traditional costume was born. It seems she was inspired by the “Icolatera” costume of the Monteverde family, whose origins go back to the middle of the XIX century.

From the expert and secure hands of these master craftswomen authentic works of art are born, beautiful tablecloths, suitable for each important occasion, or centrepieces of all different sizes and all easily affordable.

“Calado” and “Roseta” are the two embroidery techniques used most often in the Canary Islands. The first, “calado” embroidery, consists of open thread work on linen tightly stretched on a wooden frame, whilst “Roseta” consists of embroidering a design on linen, with threads which are crossed between pins placed on a small round linen support.