The Sand Carpet from Teide


The sand carpets of La Orotava, incially carried out by Felipe Machado and Benitez de Lugo, have reached such an international fame, that it is one of the most greatest claims for part of the tourist that visit the island of Tenerife. The first carpets were carried out on the occasion of the visit of king Don Alfonso XIII in 1906, and from then on, the tradition has continued year after year, improving his technique better each time.

For that, with the objective to cover all of the island handicrafts, the House of Eladia Machado bring to the visitor a representation on a small scale, one of the famous carpets as carried out in the square of the town hall for the celebration of Corpus Christi. In this way, they continue with this tradition in the courtyard of the Eladia Machado House, where Ezequiel Leon, a carpet maker of La Orotava, started with the realization of the first carpet more than 23 years ago. After him, they entrusted the elaboration of the sand carpets to Juan Manual Abreu, who was employee of the House of Balconies during years. But actually it is his brother Amaro Javier and the association of carpet makers who do the preparation of them.



For its carrying out, each year they select an image to create, an image, that always is directed to religious themes, florals or biblical pictures. After the election of the picture to be represented, they trace with chalk the design, and once carried out, they proceed to fill in the carpet with sand of the beaches, from Teide, and volcanic sands of natural colours as are for example, the basalt, Pozzolan, obsidian, piroclastos or the Sulphur of many others. The art of the carpet is a work of great accuracy, where there is a union of ability and creativity to form a spectacular and wonderful Sand carpet.

Additionally, Amaro Javier, a greatest connoisseur of the volcanos and their sands, has carried out an exhibitiom of great value, where he takes on one hand the explanation of the different volcanic reliefs that are  found in Tenerife, and on the other hand, the historic origin of the carpets as the origin of the sands and the ways that they started to use them. These come accompanied by a whole recompilation of photography’s of differents volcanic eruptions occurred throughout the history of the canary islands with their respective dates.