The Art Gallery of Mohamed Osman


In the entry of Eladia Machado House, on the left hand side, we find the Art Gallery of Mohamed Osman, a recognized artist with Egyptian origins whose works and paintings have been praised by the best canarian pens writers. His paintings show the most characteristic images of the canaries as there are: La romería, el drago, its landscapes and the places most emblematic of thr north of Tenerife.


Ozman terminando una obra


After he had been living in many parts of the word like Italy or Canadá, he ended up staying in Tenerife,  a places that he had visited many times, and that always had given him special memories. Having been here, he felt in love with its landscape, its patrimony, traditions, and the people. His great love for nature, led him to attract the attention of the peope, for these to be conscience about the great patromony that they had, and thtat they shouldnt lose more than they have lost. He wished that through the beauty that he can rescue with this pencils, they would recognized these legacies. as he said “to learn how to love it and knowing it, protect what is left, who doesnt know what he has, he cannot defend it”.