Ceramic Workshop

The traditional ceramic has a narrow relationship with the ceramic developed by the ancient canarian aboriginals. Even after the conquest, and in spite of the techniques provided by the people coming from the mainland that the canarian potters still continue using in the art of the ceramic, the same techniques as their ancestors. To this conclusion they arrive at, comparing different works of present day with pieces rescued from the old aboriginals, confirming the similitudes between the actuals and the ancient. However, in respect of the aesthetic aspects, they have notable differences, being the Guanche pottery mucho more crude that the actual, that is more refined.

In the courtyard of Eladia Machado House we can see live how experts potters form manually incredible mud figures, that after elaboration and taking are laid under the sun during many hours so the public can see them. After that they proceed to paint them and give them, the final touches to put on sale later in the shop. Their works have a great range of pieces such as, glasses, ashtrays, jugs, Tara Idols, cups, candle holders and plates.  Many of them have Guanche symbols such as the spiral, the triangle or the star, as a form to emphasize and characterize the origin of the canarian handicrafts.