Boutique del Mago

El Boutique del mago, its a space dedicated especially yo the typical canarian costume. Here we provide to all of out clients a exquisite and pesonalized treatment. We count with the best experts in Mago costumes of our islands, with more that forty years of experience dedicated to advice and dress of hundreds of magas, magos y romeros. They have a great knowlegde of the different traditions that involve the “Magos costumes”, also, the know perfectly the composition of each one of the costumes of the different municipalities of Tenerife. In the boutique del mago, you can find not only “The mago costume” but also, all of the its complements such as for man as for woman, that is to say, boots, leggins, “borlas”m scarves and hats. We havee to point out, that each one of these components has been elaborated with the best materials.



One step further: The experience of “Feeling Canarian”

Our culture and the festivals of which it consists, create great expectation in many of the tourists that visit our island, tourists, who have been exited not only to travel our wonderful landscapes, but also to learn about our rich culture. The typical canarian costumes is a symbol of our celebrations, and of our ancestors and from our point of view it is an important base in the definition of our traditions. for thatm the house of Balconies, would like that the tourist interpret the role of “mago” and that they fell like and authentic Canarian. In this way, we offer the possibility to the visit or to dress completely in the typical Canarian costume. this will be carried out in the Boutique del Mago, where our experts in costumes will dress the tourist with all of the clothing, a moment that could be inmortalized through you camara.