History and Architecture

Less monumental and more discreet than the house of balconies, the actual Eladia Machado house, ex Molina convent, was built by Francisco de Molina y López de las Doblas, belonging to his family during many centuries.

In the second half of the XIX century, a lodging establishment dedicated to the care and teaching of cock fight, until the actual owners arrived, the sirs Schönfeldt and Machado.

Built over two floors, in its façade stands out the front plateresque of stonework. In the ground floor of the pedestal and in the extreme of the cornice is a vegetal decoration enclosed in ovals.

The balcony, exposed, very narrow and of beautiful carved banisters, has a base of stonework with two lateral ends, and its decorated  in its lower part with a line of denticles.

The Eladia Machado house is actually “the souvenir paradise” inasmuch as in its suggestive rooms you can find the best of the handicraft and typical food products of the Canary island.