Our Company is dedicated to the retail commerce of textiles, food products, jewelry and souvenirs; and it raised the mission to promote the knowledge of the culture and canary traditions through the sale of products with our sign of identity to the most number of clients, maintaining high levels of quality and generating the least quantity possible of by-products, keeping in mind the possibilities and limitations of our business .

The values that define us are the followings: leadership, competitiveness, compromise, motivation, coordination, collaboration, strategy, vision, capacity, transformation, responsibility, innovation, adaptability, differentiation and rapidity.

Our vision is to be a Company oriented to the management of process to ensure the control and improvement of such, the integration of our personnel in its development and the fulfilment of the compromise of the pollution prevention, with the objective to reach the maximum satisfaction of our clients, as well as to be an indisputable reference within the commercial activity specialized in the tourist sector in Canarias. All of them based in the development of the people, as a fundamental element to achieve the continued improvement of our processes.

Conscious of the need to rely on with tools and adequate methods to unfold our aim and vision, we have decided develop, implant and improve continually an integrated system of Quality and environment management, according to the international rules UNE-EN ISO 9001 y UNE-EN ISO 14001.

The permanent objective is to impel the culture of continual improvement, that will unfold through a series of concrete objectives that the management will establish and revise periodically. Specifically, the managements policy is defined in:

  • The compromise of our organization to meet the necessities and expectatives, of our clients to achieve their satisfaction.
  • The compromise with the fulfilment of the legislation and regulations applicable, as well as the requirements that underwrite.
  • The compromise of environmental preservation, trying to develop a management according to the protection of the environment into our possibilities as a company.
  • The continue formation program offered to the personnel with the objective to ensure the quality of the products and services and capacity to confront the challenges of our clients, subjected to a continued change and advancement due to an ever growing and demanding market, as well instill an awareness of the importance to develop our activities in the most respectful form as possible with the environment that surrounds us.

All personnel should accept compromise to better the quality of the services of the auxiliary processes of the business and develop a responsible environmental conduct inside the different places of work.