From the second half of the XVII century, La Villa de la Orotava have celebrated festivity of San Isidro. Formerly each 15th of May, The Labradors celebrate a festival in the hermitage of our Señora de la Piedad, located outside of the village. It is in the XVII century when they denominated him San Isidro Agrícola.


Carretas en la Romeria de La Orotava 2010

Since then, a lot has changed this festival, and has passed from being a homage of the labriegos and his saint passed to be controlled by the aristocracy. It has lost the custom of raising arches and liftin a balloon. At the moment the festival is celebrated in the month of June and the fair of the cattle and La Romería are the act of most public influence. It has to emphasize that the carts are pulled by oxens, they drees in (typical costumes) and the women decorate balconies and the windows with carpets, tablecloths and shawls.


Balcones decorados con motivo de las Fiestas del Corpus Christi, La Orotava

It exist a special link between la Casa de los Balcones and la Romería de San Isidro y Santa María de la Cabeza. The personnel team of the House of Balconies have dump such a manner that actually we couldn’t find a mark most appropriate to located the patronal saints of La Orotava for preside La Romería.


Romeros cantando al son de Timples y guitarras en Romería

Different and emotive acts take place that day in front of La Casa de los Balcones. After the blessing of la romería by the priest, the delivery of new tapes to the labriegos for their rods and the start of the entourage with presence of the local authorities, the house of balconies open his doors and bring his hospitality to all the romeros and visitants. litres and litres of wine, gofio, potatoes with sauce (Mojo) and meat with the most pure flavor of romeria abound in this day; while, a timple broke to sing a folia, an isa or a malagueña; and in anyone of the amply balconies of the house always there will be a generous smile that will invite you to enjoy the environment of La romeria de la Orotava.